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Make-up courses at Cambio

in Linz, Vienna and Leibnitz!

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We are Claudia & Marlies,
the founders of the Cambio Beautyacademy.

We have been training make-up artists for over 10 years - we want to pass on our passion and professionalism.

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Current actions

Save 400€ when booking the All-in-One training!
The Dipl. Make-up artist training – now incl. Online Academy!

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The excellent
Visagist & make-up
Artist training

with the ÖCert – the national certification for
high-quality adult education.
Twice as good for you – you can secure individual subsidies of up to 40% for your course costs from various funding agencies in austria.

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Frequently asked questions

How much a make-up artist earns per month depends on their experience, qualifications, fame and the job. With a permanent position as a make-up artist at MAC, Douglas or another beauty store, you can earn up to €1800 gross per month. As a freelance make-up artist, you can set your own prices and adjust them depending on the job and client.

What you need to become a make-up artist depends on where you live. Dipl. Make-up artist training in a beauty academy and can then do the advanced course to become a make-up artist. The contents and designations vary depending on the provider.

Wondering what a makeup artist is? Make-up artist is the English term for make-up artist. Make-up artists apply make-up to their customers for various occasions and jobs such as weddings, parties, video shoots and photo shoots.

To work as a make-up artist in Austria, you need a certificate from a renowned beauty academy. You will receive a certificate as a “qualified make-up artist” and “make-up artist” after successfully completing the course and passing the exam.

Depending on the academy, training as a make-up artist takes different lengths of time. Cambio offers 88 course hours. Depending on the course model, these are distributed differently so that they fit in perfectly with your lifestyle. The entire weekend course lasts approx. 6 months.

Both professions involve decorative cosmetics, i.e. applying make-up to people. Make-up artists specialize more in private clients and brides, for example, and are responsible for beautiful day or evening make-up. Make-up artists are more creative, they often work more in the film, photography and commercial sectors. We have explainedthis in detail in a video.

As a make-up artist, you should be familiar with all the basics and techniques of make-up artistry as well as facial anatomy and skin. In order to stay up-to-date, it is advisable to attend more and more workshops and masterclasses to expand your knowledge and perfect your techniques.

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