Become a franchise partner

Become a Cambio Beautyacademy franchise partner and open your own make-up artist training center!
Are you dreaming of your own Cambio branch in your city?

Our 5-step program gives you everything you need to get a license and hit the ground running!

Step 1

Complete our make-up and make-up artist training course

Step 2

Gain relevant experience through backstage assignments

Step 3

Design your studio according to Cambio standards

Step 4

Visit the Train-the-Trainer Academy

Step 5

Visit the Beauty Success Academy

What should YOUR Cambio Beautyacademy look like?

It can be a shop-in-shop concept. This means that if you already have a studio, whether cosmetics, hairdressing, make-up artistry, etc., and would like to offer make-up artistry plus training, then our concept fits perfectly into your success plan!

As the Cambio team, we are at your side as a competent and reliable partner for all your steps.

For further information, please send us your request

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Info Call

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