Learn how to apply make-up properly!

The basics that EVERYONE needs to know about make-up!

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✅ much MORE INPUT than live with many bonus videos

✅ Over 50 HD videos, over 122 minutes of video material
✅ Step by step to the perfect make-up in YOUR TEMPO
✅ for a lifetime!
✅ Directly in your bathroom or ANYWHERE YOU ARE

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What you will learn in this workshop

Learning #1

Step by step – we show you different make-up techniques at a hands-on pace, make drooping eyelids and pigmentation spots disappear easily and show you the quickest tricks for a fresh look without 1000 different products.

Learning #2

Concealer, foundation & co are foreign words for you?
We show you which products are available, what you use where and how to apply them correctly!

Learning #3

Only when you use the right colors will your eyes really start to shine! In our color check, you can find out which colors suit you best and which ones you should throw in the bin!



  • much MORE INPUT than live with many bonus videos

  • Step by step make-up in YOUR TEMPO and

    as often as you like!

  • Directly in your bathroom


Hello we are Marlies & Claudia and we are very happy that you are here!

We know only too well the feeling of not knowing which of the 1000 different make-ups to buy, which shade is the right one. In our generation of youth, everyone still knows the mousse make-up that was always too orange and the black kohl that we generously applied to the inside of the eye. Until we got to the point where we wanted to learn it “properly”. After Claudia’s training as a Make-Up Artist & Skincare Coach in Miami, she brought the international training concept and the most innovative techniques back to Austria to really shake up the industry.

Over the last 10 years, we have made it our mission to train the best make-up artists in the country. Countless VIPs, stars and starlets as well as private individuals have placed their trust in our hands and let us style and apply their make-up. In our on-site workshops, we have always passed on our knowledge to make eyes sparkle and to increase self-confidence.

We have seen that it often fails because of the same things, that many people don’t know the basics of make-up and are often overwhelmed by the terminology. That’s why we created the online program, so that EACH OF YOU can revolutionize your own beauty routine and make your inner glow even more!

That is our mission and we are delighted that YOU are part of it!

Claudia & Marlies

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