Cambio Aftercare

Your time is NOW!
After training at Cambio, you have countless opportunities – you can become self-employed, apply for a job as a make-up artist in large companies, offer your work as an additional service in a company and much more. New jobs are created every day and there is guaranteed to be the right one for you and your skills.

Now comes YOUR time.

The beauty industry is currently booming and new products and trends are flooding the market. The perfect time to get started as a make-up artist!

Commercial make-up used to be the preserve of hairdressers and beauticians, but those days are over – make-up artists now have their own profession, and rightly so.

Cambio Future Chances

Your future

The professional field has expanded considerably – beyond traditional clients and styling appointments, make-up artists can increasingly be found in the video & TV business, on photo shoots and fashion shows. They are sent out as brand ambassadors and build up their own business; established artists are also often hired as editors for magazines and online journals.
Depending on your personality and interests, there are countless opportunities to turn your passion into a career, whether in various perfumeries, at product counters, with color and style consultants, in various agencies or as a wedding stylist. It is possible to work as an employee, but also to become self-employed and set up your own company – as a part-time job or as a full-time job.

STEP 1: Education

The basis is training

The basis for success is always a sound education and various further training courses in the specific areas – because knowledge creates independence.

It also requires a high degree of initiative when it comes to acquiring new knowledge, creativity to develop new ideas and visions, courage to explore new or as yet unknown paths and, above all, a great deal of passion – for the craft itself and the magic that can be achieved with it.

STEP 2: Improve your skills

Practice, practice, practice.

With Cambio you have the opportunity to continue your development after your training, initially by collecting practical hours. It’s about more than just the hours – it’s about developing your skills, gaining experience, making contacts and also becoming familiar with new situations, e.g. photo shoots.

STEP 3: Use the network

Let's go!

Use your own network and the network we make available to you – the Cambio Family Group, for example, or on Facebook – where jobs are often advertised by us and also by former graduates. Also use it to ask questions, take the initiative yourself and get partners on board for projects you would like to do.

So harness the power of a team, the Cambio Family, your course group, who believe in YOU and your talent.

STEP 4: Visualize your dreams

Believe in yourself and your dream!

We start working with you on your dreams and goals during your training. Create your own vision wall, get inspiration and allow ideas that seem nonsensical at first – you’ll see that it’s worth it.


Would you like to go further with us?

You have these options with Cambio:

Be part of…

the Cambio Showcrew
the Cambio Wedding Crew alias Mädchentraum
the Cambio Agency
the Cambio Employer
the Cambio Trainer Crew

The Cambio Show Crew

The Cambio show crew includes all the make-up artists who have been involved in many events from the very beginning and have demonstrated their talent.

Only those who are constantly perfecting their techniques and their craft, working with them and continuing their education are at the cutting edge and that is a prerequisite for our show crew membership.

We value cooperation, ambition and reliability. Together we have already made many clients happy – at photo shoots, styling corners, fashion shows, events and various styling appointments.

The Cambio Agency

Be part of the make-up agency as a freelance make-up artist.

You have the opportunity to earn money independently by arranging jobs such as make-up and styling appointments, photo shoots, film and TV shoots.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

The WeddingCrew alias Mädchentraum

Our Mädchentraum artists have the chance of a fully booked wedding season next year. On top of that, several workshops are financed by the Cambio Beautyacademy, joint meetings are held, a style shoot is organized and you and your team stand together at the largest wedding fairs in Upper Austria – free of charge.

This is the perfect introduction to the wedding business, the chance to work in a successful, talented team and you have the opportunity to multiply your client base in a very short space of time.

The Cambio Agency

We only cast the best of the best as trainers.

This requires your own trade license and a successful career as a make-up artist.

Hard work, commitment, dedication and continuous training are the basis of our selection process.

Info Call

Hey Beauty! Schön dass wir einen Call haben werden!

Gib uns Bescheid, wann du am Besten erreichbar bist und du ca. 20 Minuten in Ruhe Zeit hast für ein Gespräch. Wir freuen uns sehr, dich unverbindlich kennenzulernen!

Info Call

Hey Beauty! Nice that we will have a call!

Let us know when you can best be reached and when you have about 20 minutes to talk to us. We look forward to getting to know you without obligation!