Make-Up Stylist – the new generation

Special training for hairdressers and beauticians

The make-up stylist course by Cambio Beautyacademy

“Old Hollywood glamor meets modern technology: the best additional training in make-up artistry at Austria’s leading make-up school”

Welcome to the Cambio Beautyacademy, Austria’s leading make-up school, where we combine the glamorous world of old Hollywood with the latest technology. Our make-up stylist training is the perfect choice for hairdressers and beauticians who want to perfect their craft and also offer professional make-up services.

The campaign photos are generated with AI and combined with real models & stylings, photographed by FujiX Photographer Ines Thomsen and retouched by Denisa Krycnerova.

Training for the new era

The Make-up Stylist course is more than just an education – it is a journey through the history of Hollywood combined with the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies. Inspired by my own training in Miami Beach and the golden days of old Hollywood, we have developed a training program that combines the best of both worlds.
One look at the glamorous Old Hollywood-style photos that we have created with the help of modern AI technology and you’ll be amazed. These photos are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also reflect the elegance and glamor of days gone by and all the styles of the models are available as make-up tutorials in your online academy and ready for make-up application.

Our make-up stylist course is specifically designed to train hairdressers and beauticians in make-up and make-up artistry, giving them all the tools they need to enhance their services and make their clients even happier.

In our comprehensive course, you will not only learn the latest make-up techniques, but also how you can expand your range as a hairdresser or beautician to include professional make-up services. From day and evening make-up, bridal and event styling to advanced techniques and products, you’ll learn everything you need to wow your clients.

Old Hollywood as inspiration

With our new series of images inspired by the era of old Hollywood, we bring you closer to the glamorous and timeless looks of the stars. Immerse yourself in the world of classic make-up and discover the secrets of Hollywood icons.
Our experienced trainers will be at your side throughout the course to help you develop your full potential as a make-up stylist.

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