Marlies Pinsker

I am a MasterMake-UpArtist, Managing Director in Linz and Co-Founder of Cambio Beautyacademy GmbH.

My passion is
Cambio as an innovative lifestyle.
A lifestyle that makes people shine – inside and out.
This is why the combination of make-up artistry and make-up artist training in conjunction with the Mindset Academy is a successful milestone in the world of beauty training and the fundamental basis of our work as innovative make-up artists.

My vision
for Cambio is to expand our locations so that there are opportunities throughout Austria and beyond to attend our courses and workshops and be trained by passionate make-up artists.
Our Cambio Family is getting bigger and bigger and our network is getting stronger and stronger, and the cohesion is the best thing for me.

World stars such as David Hasselhoff and Waris Dirie have already had their make-up and styling done by Marlies, as have numerous national starlets such as presenter Silvia Schneider, skiing legend Alexandra Meissnitzer, dancing star Maria Santner, top model Patricia Kaiser, former Miss Austria and model Dragana Stankovic and many more.

Field of activity
Advertising shoots, TV shoots, wedding stylings, private and business customer coaching, coaching for make-up artists, lectures in the field of beauty & minimum, and much more.

2007-2012 I Matura and completed training as an early childhood educator with distinction
2012-2015 I Worked as an early childhood educator

2013 I Diploma in make-up artist at the Cambio Beautyademy with distinction

since 2014 I Make-up artist trainer at the Cambio Beautyacademy

Since 2015 I have been working in the company as an organizer, coordinator and in education management at CBA.

2018-2020 I Part-time Bachelor’s degree in Management at the FH Upper Austria

2020-2021 I Training to become a mental coach

since 2021 I Managing Director and partner of Cambio Beautyacademy GmbH

Judge at the national make-up championships since 2023

Over the years, she has also completed all training and further education courses in the fields of pedagogy, make-up artistry and personal development.

250 plus VAT.
  • Make-up & hair
Half-day flat rate
650 plus VAT.
  • Styling: Make-up & Hair
Daily flat rate
990 plus VAT.
  • Styling: Make-up & Hair

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