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Diploma make-up artistry course | Leibnitz | Intensive course

Payment in installments possible from €269 per month

Part-time make-up artist training
incl. ONLINE ACADEMY & Mindset Academy

The make-up artist training includes the Add-On Online Academy with which you can start directly from your booking – even if the practical days start later. Read more.

The starter package product is not included in the basic price and can be booked as an option. You can find more information about the contents of the starter package here.



Every budding artist has their own skills and their own style, which we try to bring out and promote during training. In addition to basic methods and theoretical knowledge, it is particularly important to our trainers that they prepare you practically for your future career as a make-up artist.

The foundation of your success is your mindset
We train this mindset as an extended focus in our Cambio courses to help you achieve personal success.

During and after your make-up artist training, you will have the opportunity to work live with the CAMBIO pros at photo shoots, various events or styling corners.

You will learn unspoken secrets and the no-go’s of the industry in a protected environment and have the opportunity to collect all the practical hours you need to register your business through the Academy. This means you can get started after your training with an extensive photo portfolio and top references.

You will receive your own make-up Bible and great welcome goodies.

Topics in the course:

-Materials science – you get to know a wide range of products and textures
Type-appropriate make-up including facial zone measurement, face shapes, modeling
-Correction options for eyes, brows, lips & the eyelid crease
-Diva Make-up & Red Carpet Look,
-Glamour make-up
-Smokey Eyes,
-Evening make-up incl. Gluing fake lashes
-Beauty make-up
-Bride make-up
-Glasses make-up
-Best Ager Make-Up for mature skin
-Instagram Make-Up Looks
-Dermatology (study of the skin)
-Color theory and color type determination
-Hygiene guidelines
-Social Media Marketing
-Designing service and customer appointments correctly
-Special special: CAMBIO PRO taster day
-Commercial consulting
-Time for trends – brand new techniques, products and tips

The Mindset Academy is part of the Cambio make-up artist training – a special enrichment for your success!

This Academy has been created for all those who are really successful as Dipl. would like to become a make-up artist ?
✈️ Because talent is lacking at Wenigsten☝️

The course content:

-Your freedom of choice
-Goal and vision formation
-Tame your safety mindset
-How to deal with prejudices
-Your change work
-Your self-management
-Use the laws of life for yourself
-Your self-motivation
-Discover your enthusiasm
-Your best first impression
-Raising awareness of one’s own power to act
-Autosuggestions and affirmations can help you achieve your goals
-personal service development

You need a model for all make-up courses on the practical days.

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