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Lash Award training – professional eyelash extensions

Take your skills to the next level!
The Lashes Award training is the most comprehensive Lashes training in Austria.

Here you will learn the art of eyelash styling in all its facets from long-standing lash styling professionals, with everything you need for a successful business as a lash stylist:

  • Basic 1:1 technique
  • Anatomy and medical basics
  • Volume & 3D technology
  • Lash & Brow Lifting, Henna Plus Brow Training
  • Marketing training
  • Lash Award Certification Day
    all course days take place from 09:00 – 17:00


Original price was: 2.850,00 €.Current price is: 2.423,00 €.


all course days take place from 09:30-18:00

Step 1: Basic training Lash Styling 1:1 technique (30UE)

A solid foundation for lash artists. Online lecture on technical theory (10UE) and on the first practical day practical work in the 1:1 technique on 2 models – on the second practical day practical in-depth work on 3 models.

Step 2: Anatomy training for lash artists / medical training (online) (20UE)

Anatomical training according to BGBL. II No. 139/2003. Prerequisite for carrying out commercial eyelash treatments independently. Contents: Medical introduction to the basics of eyelash extension, anatomy of the skull, anatomy of the eye, eyelash shapes, growth cycle, eyelash types, eyelash length, dermatology, general hygiene, occupational hygiene, disinfection, general first aid, pathology, (disease of the eyelid, lacrimal gland, conjuctiva, cornea, sclera, lens, uvea, papilla and orbit)

Step 3: Volume technique training (10UE)

2D – 10D technique volume lashes, Hollywood technique lash thickness 0.03 mm to 0.07 mm. Fan with at least 5 lashes at the same time, technical theory and practical work on 2 models.

Step 4: Lash & Brow Lifting & Henna Plus Brow (10UE)

Shaping and tinting natural eyelashes and eyebrows. Practical work on 3 models.

Step 5: Marketing (online event – zoom) (10UE)

Corporate Identity & Design: Your look on the Internet,
Social media marketing: Using Facebook and Instagram as a company,
Email marketing: The world of newsletters,
Your own homepage: The basics,
Online advertisements: Introduction,
Sales strategies: Targeted sales increase, sales tricks and tips from professionals

Step 6: Lash Award certification day

Lash Award Certification Day

● Review of skills in the One by One application area

● Checking skills in the area of anatomy

● Checking the skills in the area of volume style

● Review of skills in the area of lash lifting

● Written knowledge test

● Work on 3 models

Price: €2.423,- (net)

Model fee: €15,- per model | 13 models required

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