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Make-Up Stylist Course

Payment in installments possible

BECOME A MAKE-UP STYLIST – the training course for hairdressers and beauticians!

FOR ONLY 1490€ instead of 1990€

You learn…
πŸ’„ The most important make-up trends and techniques
🧴 Choosing the right products for every skin type
πŸ’° Marketing strategies that will skyrocket your sales
πŸ“± Social media tricks to market your services like a pro!

⏰ Is your schedule packed?
Our π‘΄π’‚π’Œπ’†-𝒖𝒑 π‘Ίπ’•π’šπ’π’Šπ’”π’• π‘¨π’–π’”π’ƒπ’Šπ’π’…π’Šπ’π’ˆ adapts to you! ⏰

🌟 Flexibility: Arrange your learning times in the Online Academy to suit you. Early in the morning or late in the evening – you decide!
πŸ“š Compact learning: Gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in a short space of time that you can apply immediately.
πŸ’„ Get to know the most effective techniques and products, perfect for use in the salon.
🎯 Directly implementable: Integrate what you have learned directly into your day-to-day work and you will see immediate results with your customers.

πŸš€ Sign up now and make the most of your time and talents.
Let’s pave the way for your success together!

Completion with a certificate


BECOME A MAKE-UP STYLIST – the training course for hairdressers and beauticians!

You have

  • Experience with customers, but your make-up skills are no longer up to date?
  • Do you lack the confidence and practice to implement customer requests?
  • Do you want the latest knowledge about trendy make-up techniques and products?
  • Do you want to expand your service and attract a young audience?

If an entire diploma in make-up artistry is too extensive or too time-consuming for you, then the MAKE-UP STYLIST training is just right for you!

  • You will learn extensive basic knowledge in the Online Academy – always accessible and the time for this is flexibly divisible.
  • On three personally supervised practice days at the Academy, the techniques learned are demonstrated again, practiced and implemented on models under the supervision of the professional trainer

After your booking (up to 48 hours) you will receive direct access to the online academy “Make-Up Stylist” with all the information about the course and the first available content.
After two weeks you will receive a Welcome Package incl. You will be sent training materials and all videos in the Make-Up Stylist Online Academy will be activated, so you can start with the theory basics at any time – whenever and wherever you want, regardless of when your practical days take place.

During the personal introductory call, initial questions are answered and a personal curriculum is drawn up. (online via Zoom)
During the three practical days on site at the Academy of your choice, you will work together with a professional trainer and in a group with a maximum number of participants. 10 participants: revisit what you have learned, create cool looks and then practise on your own model.
You always need your model in the last 4 hours of the course day.

At the end of your training, we will reflect on your success in a joint call and you will receive your certificate.

Course hours: 50EH plus Online Academy


Course content:

  • Day make-up
  • Evening make-up
  • Bridal make-up
  • Beauty technology
  • Smokey eyes
  • Type-appropriate make-up
  • Facial analysis
  • Color theory
  • Best Ager Make-up
  • Freshup make-up
  • Social media tips for the salon
  • Marketing tips for successful upselling and pricing
  • The right product selection for every type and occasion
  • Weekly calls during the training period 1x per week
  • Online Academy activated for 1 year

The make-up stylist is not a graduate. Make-up artist training, the course is without

  • fourth & fifth practical day,
  • Diploma exam
  • Mindset Academy & Business Academy
  • Photo make-up
  • Layout Make-Up
  • Trend Make-Up
  • Men’s make-up
  • Social media basics
  • Business development tips
  • lifelong access
  • Prerequisite for business registration

This training is not a prerequisite for business registration in the field of decorative cosmetics.
It can also be completed by people who have not completed an apprenticeship as a beautician or hairdresser and is open to everyone.

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