In the one-day training course, you will learn everything you need to get started as a lash stylist. We focus on the basics and guide you step by step through all the topics to bring you up to the best possible level of knowledge. Between the theoretical and practical parts, there is a practice phase on the practice head.
This will teach you all the grips, handling and sensitivity for perfection and precision. You will then work on a model under the guidance of the trainer.
In the basic training for eyelash extensions, you will learn how to apply the individual technique. Individual lashes are precisely glued to each individual natural lash.

Basic eyelash extension training

40 units in total, on-site course 8 units
828 incl. Product starter package
  • Includes high-quality product starter pack
  • Book the Dipl. Make-up artist training and save 300€!
  • State-recognized training for a quick start to your career


– The history of eyelash extensions
– Anatomy of the eye *
– Hair follicle
– Facts and figures about eyelashes *
– Allergies
– Eye diseases
– Material science
– Eyelash glue and its properties
– Which adhesive is suitable for me
– Why humidity and room temperature are so important
– Eyelash cycle
– Eyelash extensions with different curls, lengths and thicknesses
– When and why we advise against eyelash extensions
– Visual elements and
– Modeling/Lash Mapping *
– Taping
– Golden rules of hygiene
– Eyelash extensions step by step
– Pricing
– The topic of refills

* These topics are not covered in detail

Course of the training

In the morning we concentrate on the theoretical part. After the lunch break, we dedicate ourselves to practicing on the training head. In the afternoon, you will glue the model yourself under the guidance of the instructor. At the end of the course there is a short theoretical examination in accordance with Miss Lash’s guidelines. In addition, perfection training sessions can be booked at any time to deepen and consolidate what has been learned. To expand your expertise, we recommend that you learn the volume technique so that you can offer your clients another possible technique and therefore a larger repertoire of services.

After the training, you will receive a certificate of attendance from us. This allows you to show your customers that you have completed a training course. Your instructor will continue to be available to you after the course and will support you during your practice phase. Your skills will be tested and assessed on the basis of pictures that you send to your trainer by e-mail. You will receive first-class support that is focused on you, allowing you to consolidate what you have learned professionally and correctly. After we have received 5 good work results from you, which are assessed as good according to Miss Lash’s guidelines, you will receive your certification and can start your career as a Lash Expert.

Certification is carried out according to Miss Lashes guidelines. (We reserve the right not to issue the certificate).

Time: 10.00 – 18.00 hrs.

Times can be extended as required at no extra charge. We are there for you for as long as you need us.

If you send us 5 good pictures of different models, you will receive your certificate.


The group training course for basic training for eyelash extensions costs € 690.00 net – incl. Starter Set

5% discount as a thank you for your trust

Miss Lashes students receive a 5% discount for 1 year on all products in the store at www.miss-lashes.de.
As soon as you have attended another training course, the discount is automatically extended by one year, starting from the day of the training course. Register today and upload your confirmation of participation so that we can activate you and you can start with your order.

The training course includes:
– Training documents (script)
– Snacks
– Drinks
– Confirmation of participation

Including student kit:
– Mascara brush crystal
– Writing pad
– Miss Lashes ballpoint pen
– Headband
– Towel

Basic – Starter Set
– 1x Premium Gold Glue
– 2x mix boxes, 1x 0.20 C mix and 1x 0.15 C mix each
– 1x primer
– 1x Remover
– 1x eye pads 10 pairs
– 1x eyelash plate
– 10x mascara brushes
– 100x micro brushes
– 1x crystal adhesive backing
– 2x tweezers (1x SA, 1x SS)
– 1x medical adhesive tape
– 1x bellows
– 1x care instructions (100 pieces)
– 1x customer questionnaire (50 pieces)
– Training head
– Training eyelashes / eyes

* (Starter set varies according to availability)

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