Our Students say it better than we do

How do I become a make-up artist?

Here are some stories from graduates of the Cambio Beautyacademy, from people who have turned their dream into a profession and are now self-employed as make-up artists. Let yourself be inspired!

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Student feedback from Stefanie

Mom of 3 children, full-time make-up artist

Student feedback from Violeta

part-time make-up artist

The story of Christina

from acne and a lack of self-confidence to an admirable power woman

Student feedback from Kerstin

part-time make-up artist, also does lash & brow lifting

The story of David

Beauty knows no gender – the talented Head of Make-up Artist at MAC tells his story

Student feedback from Eva

Make-up artist, photographer and teacher

The story of Judith

Despite my impairment, I have found self-confidence as a make-up artist!

Student feedback from Nadine

Make-up artist in Vienna

The story of Denise

Make-up artist in Vienna

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